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$20 Donations

With your $20 donation we will be able to purchase materials to make polymer slime, supplies for biology experiments, or materials for motorized buggies.

$100 Donations

With $100 donations we can different components used in putting together drones (UAVs) for BaD. We will also be able to purchase fruit flies for our genetics experiments.

$500 Donations

$500 donations allows us to purchase aerial and ground drones (UGV and UAV) for students in both programs. We can also purchase Lego robots for our robotics module.

Look what we've done!

Lego EV3 Space Challenge

gSTEM breaks into small groups to learn collaborative work and they compete against each other on during the Lego challenge. They hone in on team building, engineering, coding and math skills during this module of the program.

Motorized Buggy Race

The girls race the motorized buggies that they constructed. It's great to watch them improve on the design of the buggies as they face different problems.

What our students are saying

I liked that we got to do hands on experiments and we had a lot of fun

gSTEM 2016 student

I like how we did different projects that had to do with their (mentors) jobs.

gSTEM 2016 student