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VEX IQ Robotics Teams

Robotics is dedicated to the innovative and tech savvy kiddos of Knoxville. From building robots to learning how to code and race them, Robotics covers all the basics to introduce our students into the wonderful world of robots! We are enlist in mentors who are willing to learn the ins and outs of VexIQ robotics kits. With this knowledge, mentors will coach teams of students through local, state, and even national competitions and have tons of fun while bringing home trophies!

Our Students:

• attend Vine Middle School

 have A or B averages,

• have plans to attend college,

• have no or very few disciplinary infractions,

• can read and write at their grade level,

• have availability to attend each mentoring session, and

• exude integrity and kindness toward their peers.

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Our Mentors:

• encourage a stronger interest in STEM

• are professionals with years of experience in a variety of STEM fields

• provide a better understanding of computer programming, engineering, and mathematics

• promote individual and group-style learning

• emphasize the importance of diversity in STEM.

These programs are sponsored by your contributions


Our motto:

Changing the face of STEM

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]. We will be happy to provide answers or explain the program in more detail.